Established 30 years ago, with ethical, innovative and high quality design among its core principles, Dreamweavers has moved from strength to strength. Despite the impact of the global recession on consumer spending, the company has refused to divert from its values and has continued to invest. In the past two years, turnover has doubled in the European market and the group forecasts it will double again next year.

Dreamweavers® was founded by Warren Walker and Bobby Wisdom and is based in Little Rock, Arkansas USA. Both men still remain at the heart of the operation and make key decisions from design to the point of sale in the American market. They also oversee all manufacturing for the global market. Their initial challenge was to find economical and ecological solutions to produce their original designs. One of their early rugs used fabric off cuts and this approach is still in existence today with the 'Executive Rug'. An observant customer will sometimes spot a small 'KFC' or 'Dolce & Gabbana' logo amongst the neck tie fabric used to produce this rug. While not recycled, these are upcycled fabrics - in other words, we make use of materials which no longer have a function.

Later designs re-used left over fabrics from textile companies and used diverse fabrics, including the lining of suit jackets, terry towelling, yarns, fibres and leather. Production initially began in the United States, then moved to India and later went to Thailand. However, the Far Eastern operation moved from Thailand to China in 2007 when Walker opened up a factory four hours outside of Shanghai. The company's most popular product soon became the Pebble Rugâ„¢, which is made from a fabric most commonly used in the production of children's toys. The production of each 'Pebble Rugâ„¢' is a labour intensive process, with minimal machinery used. A 5ftx7ft rug is made from 3000 individually hand stitched Chamois pebbles. But with the help of 200 employees in our factory in China, the growth figures for the product are staggering.

Expansion into Europe came in 2003 following a chance meeting with a UK-based interior design entrepreneur Arkin Redif at the High Point Convention, in North Carolina. His skills assisted in the development of new products and colourways helping the company's sales soar. The products have revived the flagging rug industry in the UK and sales are now booming in the Dutch, German and French markets. However, colour palettes were adapted to suit European taste which is quite different to the autumnal colours favoured by our US customers. Dreamweavers® rugs and matching cushions have since made an appearance on Channel 4's Grand Designs and can be found in the living rooms of a number of well-known faces, including Katy Perry and Bill Clinton.