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Counterfeit Designs of Dreamweaver® Products

When a manufacturer develops a unique product, the product will eventually be subject to counterfeit or copies being made and sold on the black market.

The disturbing factor is not just a loss of business but also the danger in the counterfeit item itself. At Dreamweavers® we test all our products for lead migration and safety of the dyes used.  Counterfeits will place a potential threat or danger to people which may cause skin irritation and injury through poor construction and children can also be hurt or injured from poor quality zips or loose parts.  

Our carefully selected reputable retailers will not sell counterfeit or copy Dreamweavers® products or any other brand for that matter.

Always purchase your Dreamweavers® products from an authorised dealer and if ever you find counterfeit goods online or for sale anywhere, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 All Dreamweavers® products carry the DREAMWEAVERS® logo. 

Dreamweavers® is a registered trademark.